Wedding Tip Tuesday- What to Expect from a Professional Wedding Planner

Did you know it is possible to enjoy your wedding day stress free? Absolutely!  How?  By working with a Professional Wedding Planner.  The movie version of a wedding planner is someone running around on the wedding day with a headset on directing people.  Which is partly true. Your Professional Wedding Planner will have education and experience to help guide you through the 5000 details you will need to make decisions on so that way your wedding day runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  This is accomplished by working alongside you.  3 key areas your Professional Wedding Planner will assist you with while planning are:

1)      Providing Vetted Vendor Referrals:  Professional Wedding Planners have spent hours networking, communicating, coordinating and vetting vendors.  Your wedding planner will work with you to not only find you a photographer, for example, in your price point and with your date open, but will ensure they carry business insurance, review their contract, ask them about their client booking process and work style on the wedding day. If you are an ultra organized person and you select a photographer that goes with the flow and works off the shot list in their head – I can guarantee you are not going to be stress free on your wedding day.  

2)      Curating a Detailed Wedding Day Timelines:  Who? What? Where? When? Your Wedding Planner should facilitate collaborating with all your wedding vendors to determine set up, tear down, facility access times at your venues, and making sure each vendor has enough time to complete their tasks.  Additionally, you will want to know how the wedding day flow will look for you and your wedding party.  What time to start hair and make-up, what time you need to get dressed so and so on.  I love using a special program called Timeline Genius that actually lets us set up text reminders for you and your wedding party and family on the wedding weekend.

3)      Overcoming  Wedding Day Hurdles:  This is your first time planning a wedding (more then likely) and you don’t know what you don’t know.  So your Professional Wedding Planner will be able to provide educated and experienced alternatives when obstacles arise.  Notice I say when, not if.  No matter how detailed you are there will be something that comes up on your wedding day that will needed addressed.  Caterer delivered your meal to a different location; DJ forgetting uplights; lost wedding videographers, or cake delivered with dinosaur green frosting.

There countless reasons to hire a wedding planner other than day of coordination.  My job is to make sure you are 100% confident in your wedding planning choices and you and your family enjoy your wedding day stress free. Hear from past clients experiences and set up a time to learn how we can help you #planstressfree

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