Wedding Tip Tuesday – Wedding Photographer Groups

Wedding Tip Tuesday: Photography Groups

As you start narrowing down the style of wedding photography you feel speaks to you and your vision for your wedding day, you may find only one name as the creator of that photo or you may see a company name. When visiting the ABOUT page on their website you may see only one photographer, or you may see multiple photographers. How do you find out who is responsible for that artistic vision you want to capture your special day? Schedule an in-person consultation to learn more about them and their process for covering weddings. If they are a photographer group often they are like-minded individuals that are similar in personality and their love of the craft. So, if the first choice is already booked, then someone else on their team might be a good fit as well and still provide you the service and style product you are looking for.

You may encounter an artist that is highly sought after, and thus have limited availability and possibly a price point that is slightly out of your budget. Sometimes they will have a team of persons that they offer as additional options. Would you be comfortable with an alternative? What if their policy is that the person you are in contact throughout the planning process is not your assigned photographer but the owner. Would you be ok with that? Make sure before committing that you are comfortable with how the communication will be handled after the booking process is completed.

When working with Wedding Photography Groups it allows more couples the opportunity to have their day captured with the same love and level of service that they wouldn’t otherwise get because of limited availability. And remember, when an individual photographer decided to allow someone to join their team, they have often required hours of one-one time to make they are representing their name, business, and will execute at the same high level of service. Additionally, they will review the finished product to make sure it reflects their overall style and aesthetic thus ensuring your wedding day is captured exactly as you dreamed it would be. #planstressfree

Photo credit: Cambria Shelley Photography, California and Midwest

Floral Credit: E’s Floral, Solon, Iowa

Venue: Wilson’s Cider House and Venue, Iowa City, Iowa

Hair and Make-up: Haba Salon, Iowa City, Iowa

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